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Lesbian romance books have been published for many years, but they have largely been self-published or released by small niche publishers, and they are frequently shelved apart from other romance books in bookstores.

Lesbian Romance Books Are Now Hitting The New York Times Bestseller List

Lesbian romance books are now coming from the largest publications in the sector and when Lana Popovic Harper’s novel “Payback’s a Witch,” which was released by Berkley / Penguin Random House last year, it quickly rose to the top of the bestseller list. Lesbian romance books are now widely exhibited in independent bookshops, on Barnes & Noble shelves, and more and more books are being released on Amazon by new and upcoming authors.

A lot of authors’ success can be traced to TikTok, where viral book recommendations have become a significant force in book selling. If you simply type in lesbian booktok you will get a huge array of lesbian romance book recommendations along with other sapphic fiction books covering all the tropes you will find in lesbian writing.

new york times bestseller!
One last stop, a lesbian romance book cover

One Last Stop by Casey McQuinston


From the New York Times bestselling author of Red, White & Royal Blue comes a new romantic comedy that will stop readers in their tracks…

For cynical twenty-three-year-old August, moving to New York City is supposed to prove her right: that things like magic and cinematic love stories don’t exist, and the only smart way to go through life is alone. She can’t imagine how waiting tables at a 24-hour pancake diner and moving in with too many weird roommates could possibly change that. And there’s certainly no chance of her subway commute being anything more than a daily trudge through boredom and electrical failures.

But then, there’s this gorgeous girl on the train.

Jane. Dazzling, charming, mysterious, impossible Jane. Jane with her rough edges and swoopy hair and soft smile, showing up in a leather jacket to save August’s day when she needed it most. August’s subway crush becomes the best part of her day, but pretty soon, she discovers there’s one big problem: Jane doesn’t just look like an old school punk rocker. She’s literally displaced in time from the 1970s, and August is going to have to use everything she tried to leave in her own past to help her. Maybe it’s time to start believing in some things, after all.

Casey McQuiston’s One Last Stop is a magical, sexy, big-hearted romance where the impossible becomes possible as August does everything in her power to save the girl lost in time.

“A dazzling romance, filled with plenty of humor and heart.” – Time Magazine, “The 21 Most Anticipated Books of 2021”

new york times bestseller!
paybacks a witch lesbian romance book cover

Payback’s A Witch by Lana Harper

A spellbinding, bewitching rom com . . .
Emmy Harlow is a witch in exile. She hasn’t been home to the magical town of Thistle Grove in years, which has a lot to do with a complicated family history and a desire to forge her own way in the world, and only the very tiniest bit to do with Gareth Blackmoore, heir to the most powerful magical family in town, casual breaker of hearts and destroyer of dreams.

But when a spellcasting tournament approaches, it turns out the pull of tradition (or the truly impressive parental guilt trip that comes with it) is strong enough to bring Emmy back. She’s determined to do her familial duty; spend some quality time with her best friend, Linden Thorn; and get back to her real life in Chicago.

On her first night home, Emmy runs into Talia Avramov – an all-around badass adept in the darker magical arts – who is fresh off a bad breakup . . . with Gareth Blackmoore. Talia had let herself be charmed, only to discover that Gareth was also seeing Linden – unbeknownst to either of them. And now she and Linden want revenge. Only one question stands: Is Emmy in?

But most concerning of all: Why can’t she stop thinking about the terrifyingly competent, devastatingly gorgeous, wickedly charming Talia Avramov?

Other Lesbian Romance Books That Have Hit The New York Times Best Seller List

Why I love the Kindle Paperwhite for reading lesbian romance books

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Kindle Paperwhite

The all-new Kindle Paperwhite comes with a larger display, faster page turns, and 10 weeks of battery life – all in a waterproof design with enough storage to hold thousands of your favourite novels.

I read all my lesbian books on my Kindle Paperwhite, I just love it and take it everywhere with me so I can read all the best sapphic fiction book recommendations. With the Kindle Paperwhite’s built-in front light, I can fall asleep to a good lesbian book without leaving the lamp on and disturbing my wife.  It comes with Bluetooth connectivity too, so I simply pair my airpods and doze off to a best-selling lesbian audiobook. The display has increased to 6.8″, so it‘s even easier to read, but it’s still super easy to pop in your bag or jacket pocket. The best bit though is that it is waterproof, so when I was recently on holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia I could lounge by the swimming pool whilst still being immersed in a good sapphic book. With 8 GB of storage and up to 10 weeks of battery life will see any bookworm like me through a holiday.

Here are some key features of the Kindle Paperwhite:

  1. Display: The Paperwhite features a 6-inch glare-free display with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch (PPI). This high resolution ensures crisp text and clear images.
  2. Front Lighting: The device includes built-in adjustable front lighting, which illuminates the screen evenly for comfortable reading in any lighting conditions. You can easily adjust the brightness according to your preferences.
  3. E-Ink Technology: The Kindle Paperwhite utilizes E Ink Carta technology, which simulates the appearance of ink on paper. This helps reduce eye strain and provides a reading experience similar to that of a physical book.
  4. Storage Capacity: Depending on the model, the Kindle Paperwhite typically offers storage options of 8GB or 32GB. This allows you to store thousands of books on the device.
  5. Battery Life: The Paperwhite has excellent battery life, typically lasting weeks on a single charge. The exact battery life can vary based on usage and settings.
  6. Waterproof Design: The newer models of the Kindle Paperwhite (10th generation onwards) are designed to be waterproof with an IPX8 rating. This means they can withstand being submerged in water up to 2 meters deep for up to 60 minutes.
  7. Integration with Amazon Services: The Kindle Paperwhite seamlessly integrates with Amazon’s Kindle Store, allowing you to browse and purchase e-books directly from your device. It also syncs your reading progress across devices, so you can pick up where you left off on different devices with the Kindle app installed.
  8. Supported Formats: The Kindle Paperwhite supports various e-book formats, including Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, MOBI, and more. However, it does not support the EPUB format natively.

Overall, the Kindle Paperwhite is a popular choice for avid readers who want a dedicated e-reader device with a high-resolution display, adjustable front lighting, and seamless integration with Amazon’s e-book ecosystem.

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Soak in the sun with storytelling that speaks to you. Build a library of your favorite audio content and explore the world of audio entertainment.

Don’t have time to read them all? Why not try listening to these great lesbian romance books? Audible is a great platform for listening to audiobooks because it offers a wide selection of lesbian books, including bestsellers and exclusive content. With Audible, you can listen to your favorite Sapphic books on the go, whether you’re commuting, working out, doing household chores, or simply relaxing in bed. Simply connect your headphones or airpods to your favourite device and you are good to go.

So without further ado, here are my top 21 best lesbian romance books you must read this August 2023.

The list below represents a tiny fraction of my favourite must-read lesbian romance books, which also include other sapphic tropes too, so there is really a book for everyone on my list . All my love goes out to the amazing authors, who are paving the way when it comes to genre and boundary-pushing, writing dark and toxic love stories, unlikeable women main characters, or writing a cracker of a sapphic novel with the brightest dedication to love and kindness.

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When Sparks Fly by Kristen Zimmer

The room is dark, except for the streetlights coming through the blinds. I can barely see her, but I feel her. She pushes me up against the wall and we kiss harder than we ever have before. I’ve been waiting so long for it to happen, and finally, it’s going to. Then the bedroom door flies open, and someone screams her name…Britton Walsh has never had a home. After a lifetime in the care system, she doesn’t expect she’ll ever find one. But beginning her senior year with new foster parents in a new city means starting over yet again. Tom and Cate Cahill seem okay. The hitch? Their daughter, Avery. Beautiful, popular, and cool, Avery is everything Britton is not. She’s all Britton could ever ask for in a sister, or even a friend––but having survived without either for so long, Britton knows the way her heart races whenever Avery enters the room can only mean one thing… But Avery has a secret. Something that is eating away at her and stopping her letting anyone in, least of all Britton. Will Avery’s insistence on punishing herself for a mistake in her past make Britton’s last year of high school, and finding a place to call home, impossible? Can two such different people ever find common ground, friendship, or maybe even something more? An unforgettable new adult lesbian romance for fans of Keeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters, Her Name in the Sky by Kelly Quindlen, or Nancy Garden’s classic young adult coming-out novel, Annie on My Mind.

n0 2

A Game Of Romance And Ruin by Ruby Roe

In a game of power, can love be the deadliest weapon?

Stirling Grey, a legendary negotiator, is on a mission: to mend her broken heart and avenge its ruin.

Morrigan Lee, a hidden princess and heir to the throne, is harbouring a dark secret.

For years, Stirling and Morrigan navigated the perilous games of power and politics, shared clandestine moments, and ultimately… fell in love…

Until a deal with fate forced them apart.

When the Queen sets a formidable challenge, Stirling and Morrigan are thrust into a treacherous labyrinth of danger.

The task?

Protect the kingdom from a terrifying threat or lose the crown forever.

But this is not a simple mission.

With the clock ticking, they’re going to have to trust each other…

And that’s not easy when their past is filled with betrayal.

It’s even harder when their hearts are entangled amidst the chaos.

Now, neither woman is sure if it’s the throne they want to rescue or a love they want to rekindle.

Two hearts, one kingdom, and a romance that could lead to their ruin… or just maybe their redemption.

This is a spicy lesbian fantasy romance with second chances, ruinous secrets, found family, a masquerade ball, a long con, and a love that could either shatter a kingdom or save it.

n0 3

Annie On My Mind by Nancy Garden

This groundbreaking book, first published in 1982, is the story of two teenage girls whose friendship blossoms into love and who, despite pressures from family and school that threaten their relationship, promise to be true to each other and their feelings.

From the moment Liza Winthrop meets Annie Kenyon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she knows there is something special between them. But Liza never knew falling in love could be so wonderful . . . or so confusing.

Of the author and the book, the Margaret A. Edwards Award committee said, “Nancy Garden has the distinction of being the first author for young adults to create a lesbian love story with a positive ending. Using a fluid, readable style, Garden opens a window through which readers can find courage to be true to themselves.”

The 25th Anniversary Edition features a full-length interview with the author by Kathleen T. Horning, Director of the Cooperative Children’s Book Center. Ms. Garden answers such revealing questions as how she knew she was gay, why she wrote the book, censorship, and the book’s impact on readers – then and now.

“No single work has done more for young adult LGBT fiction than this classic about two teenage girls who fall in love.” ―School Library Journal

n0 4

For Love Or Scandal by J.J. Arias

A sham wedding ignites an irresistible spark between a once-disgraced director and the wedding planner of her dreams.

Laney Menendez, a once-celebrated Hollywood director, has a chance at a comeback. The catch? She must first marry her brother’s soap-star boyfriend to stop him from being outed by a tabloid. For Laney, the lavish fake wedding is meant to be all business, until she meets the wedding planner, Jennifer Acosta.

Their attraction is instant and undeniable. As Laney and Jennifer work closely planning the wedding, stolen moments stoke the flames of a passion too powerful to resist.

When Jennifer learns the truth of Laney’s fake marriage, she faces an impossible choice: follow her heart or protect her hard-won reputation. With Hollywood watching, will the pressure to keep up the lies drive them apart?

Immerse yourself in this steamy tale where fantasy and reality entwine. Love makes its own rules, and for Laney and Jennifer, the fake wedding of the year may just be the start of something real.

n0 5

Just My Type by Lucy Bexley & Bryce Oakley

Since dying over 2,000 years ago, killing people is the closest Ero comes to feeling alive. She’s been lying low since arriving in Sorrow, Massachusetts. Until she breaks into a hematology lab at the local university one night after her fresh dinner is interrupted.

Dr. Annie Golden has been hitting dead end after dead end in her research on a rare blood disease. Everything changes when she accidentally attacks a stunning woman she finds lurking near her blood samples. Annie can’t put her finger on what’s so enrapturing about this beautiful, dark-haired woman. And Ero can’t figure out why Annie is appealing to more than just her appetite. When Ero’s true self is revealed, will Annie’s fear win out over her attraction?

Get ready for a different kind of high-stakes lesbian romance. This vampire romance is not for the faint of heart—but if you love your stories a little bit gorey, a little bit swoony, and laugh-out-loud funny, this is one you’ll definitely any to sink your teeth into.

n0 6

The Contract by Cynthia Dane & Hildred Billings

Jamie needs a job. Etta needs a sub.

Surely, they can come to some sort of agreement.

Jamie is jobless and down to her last dollar, living in squalor with only a cat to keep her sane. On the day of an important job interview she’s spotted by Etta Coleman, the smart and striking billionaire bachelorette who tears through assistants like cheap tissues.

Etta wants her. To be her assistant. To be her submissive.

For six months all Jamie has to do is be at Etta’s beck and call. In the office, in the boardroom… and in the bedroom.
In return, she’ll become a millionaire.

They say that every woman has her price. Etta is willing to pay Jamie’s. Now she will enter a decadent world of money, bad jokes, broken hearts, dangerous business partners, and sweet white-collar power.

The moment Jamie signs that billion-dollar contract, she belongs to Etta Coleman. Body… and heart!

This is a sapphic retelling of the 2015 serial THE BILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT by Cynthia Dane.

n0 7

The Honeymoon Mix Up by Frankie Fyre

The perfect storm. A fake marriage weathered to last.

When her fiancée leaves her at the altar, Basil Jones’s picture perfect life turns upside down, but nothing can stop her from enjoying her honeymoon—not even the luxurious island resort’s strict “couples only” policy. Basil’s vacation and her six-figure wine deal with the resort’s owners are riding on her finding a fake wife ASAP, and her sights are soon set on tall, dark, and gorgeous Caroline.

If only she knew Caroline had eyes on her first…

Caroline King never stays in one place—or in a woman’s bed—for too long. After risking her career in the past, the emotionally detached private investigator created two rules: always finish a job and never mix business with pleasure.

But when she gets roped into a false marriage with her breathtakingly beautiful target, she finds herself teetering the line of not just one but both rules.

Basil always gets what she wants—but Caroline’s professional reputation is on the line.

As Basil and Caroline’s attraction blazes like the island sun, both women struggle to fight delicious temptation while protecting their secrets—as well as their hearts—on the most romantic honeymoon island in the world.

n0 8

Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow by Aleks Mitchell

Wendy Torres was a firm believer in being able to have it all. Great career, loving wife, and two kids. Maybe a dog. It was possible. She witnessed her parents have it all. She was so close to her dream. Right until her ex girlfriend dumped her out of nowhere. Now, she had to start from scratch with someone else. Only she’s not sure if she can go through putting herself out there again only to have her heart broken.

Enter Eve Tilman. The complete opposite of Wendy. She doesn’t want it all. She’s happy to become the rich aunt that runs her family’s real estate company. Or is she? Wendy flips something in her. There’s something about the woman that makes her rethink every opinion she ever had against marriage and white picket fences. Even kids.

When the two women can’t deny their feelings for each other any longer, they take a chance on having it all with each other. But can Wendy get over the trust issues her ex left her with? Can Eve allow herself to be loved by Wendy?

n0 9

Passing Through by Katia Rose

Nestled in a towering fir forest on British Columbia’s famous Vancouver Island, Three Rivers Campground is calling you to come relax, explore, and maybe even fall in love…

Emily Rivers does not have time for love.

Or dating.

Or even a one night stand.

As the eldest of the Rivers sisters, she’s too focused on keeping her family’s campground running in the wake of a devastating tragedy to even think about romance.

When Kim Jefferies shows up at the local small town bar looking like a lesbian snack on a stick, Emily writes her off as yet another tourist just passing through—no matter how much the butterflies in her stomach try to tell her otherwise.

Only Kim’s plans of ‘passing through’ fade the second she sees Emily Rivers, despite the fact that the whole point of her soul-searching journey was to stop falling for random women in bars who only lead her to heartbreak.

The last thing they’re looking for is a love story, but with the help of some conniving sisters, an interfering bartender, and the magic of the great outdoors, that might be exactly what Kim and Emily are going to get.

n0 10

Confessions Of A Dreamer by Kenna White

Ros McClure knows that she’s well-qualified and deserves the promotion the university has promised. But she didn’t expect that the good ol’ boys network would be standing in her way. She’s willing to stubbornly wait a little longer, but a family emergency is drawing her back to a time and a place she’d rather leave in her past.

Stacy Hagen has been a high school biology teacher for nearly three decades. Living in a small Kansas farm town, she can multitask like nobody’s business. Farmer, tennis coach, part-time housepainter—she can do it all. What she hasn’t been able to do is find the love of her life.

When their paths cross again after twenty-five years, will old secrets finally be exposed? Or will hearts be broken once again…

n0 11

A Life Worth Living by Monica McCallan

Nora Gallagher can begrudgingly admit that she and Gray Ferris are both stellar Philadelphia real estate agents, but that’s the beginning and the end of the similarities between them.

Nora’s life has been in a self-imposed holding pattern for half a decade. Depending on people in her personal life only leads to disappointment, and she has no plans of making that mistake again.

Gray Ferris is extroversion personified. Bubbly. Conversational. Vibrant. She’s trying to make the best of life, even if it hasn’t always gone her way.

When the two women begin to learn that maybe they’re not as different as they think, they may finally figure out the most important thing they have in common when it comes to finding a life worth living.

n0 12

The Lady’s Guide To Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite

As Lucy Muchelney watches her ex-lover’s sham of a wedding, she wishes herself anywhere else. It isn’t until she finds a letter from the Countess of Moth, looking for someone to translate a groundbreaking French astronomy text, that she knows where to go. Showing up at the Countess’ London home, she hoped to find a challenge, not a woman who takes her breath away.

Catherine St Day looks forward to a quiet widowhood once her late husband’s scientific legacy is fulfilled. She expected to hand off the translation and wash her hands of the project—instead, she is intrigued by the young woman who turns up at her door, begging to be allowed to do the work, and she agrees to let Lucy stay. But as Catherine finds herself longing for Lucy, everything she believes about herself and her life is tested.

While Lucy spends her days interpreting the complicated French text, she spends her nights falling in love with the alluring Catherine. But sabotage and old wounds threaten to sever the threads that bind them. Can Lucy and Catherine find the strength to stay together or are they doomed to be star-crossed lovers?

n0 13

Against All Odds by Cara Malone

How far will they go to say ‘I do’ when the whole world is against them?

The pessimistic side of Sage thought she’d never find The One. A butch woman in a small town with mental health issues and introverted hobbies, the odds were against her.

Then she met Rosalie.

Rosalie, who gives her side-stitches every time they talk. Rosalie, who wanted to tour the inside of a life-size blue whale exhibit on their third date. Rosalie, who enthusiastically educated herself on Sage’s condition when Sage confided in her about it.

So Sage proposed – luckiest woman in the world, right?

Only now people are coming out of the woodwork to tell them how wrong this is. From Sage’s overbearing mom to Rosalie’s mysteriously absent dad and even the wedding planner – they have a hundred reasons to stop this wedding.

Sage just needs one reason to go through with it.


But will she have her?

n0 14

Kiss Her Once For Me by Alison Cochrun

Winner of Lambda Literary Award for Best LGBTQ+ Romance
A Best New Holiday Romance by PopSugarBuzzFeedRefinery29, and more!

The author of the “swoon-worthy debut” (Harper’s BazaarThe Charm Offensive returns with a festive romantic comedy about a woman who fakes an engagement with her landlord…only to fall for his sister.

One year ago, recent Portland transplant Ellie Oliver had her dream job in animation and a Christmas Eve meet-cute with a woman at a bookstore that led her to fall in love over the course of a single night. But after a betrayal the next morning and the loss of her job soon after, she finds herself adrift, alone, and desperate for money.

Finding work at a local coffee shop, she’s just getting through the days—until Andrew, the shop’s landlord, proposes a shocking, drunken plan: a marriage of convenience that will give him his recent inheritance and alleviate Ellie’s financial woes and isolation. They make a plan to spend the holidays together at his family cabin to keep up the ruse. But when Andrew introduces his new fiancée to his sister, Ellie is shocked to discover it’s Jack—the mysterious woman she fell for over the course of one magical Christmas Eve the year before. Now, Ellie must choose between the safety of a fake relationship and the risk of something real.

Perfect for fans of Written in the Stars and One Day in DecemberKiss Her Once for Me is the queer holiday rom-com that you’ll want to cozy up with next to the fire.

n0 15

Deliah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring Blake

A clever and steamy queer romantic comedy about taking chances and accepting love—with all its complications—from the author of Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail.

Delilah Green swore she would never go back to Bright Falls—nothing is there for her but memories of a lonely childhood where she was little more than a burden to her cold and distant stepfamily. Her life is in New York, with her photography career finally gaining steam and her bed never empty. Sure, it’s a different woman every night, but that’s just fine with her.
When Delilah’s estranged stepsister, Astrid, pressures her into photographing her wedding with a guilt trip and a five-figure check, Delilah finds herself back in the godforsaken town that she used to call home. She plans to breeze in and out, but then she sees Claire Sutherland, one of Astrid’s stuck-up besties, and decides that maybe there’s some fun (and a little retribution) to be had in Bright Falls, after all.
Having raised her eleven-year-old daughter mostly on her own while dealing with her unreliable ex and running a bookstore, Claire Sutherland depends upon a life without surprises. And Delilah Green is an unwelcome surprise…at first. Though they’ve known each other for years, they don’t really know each other—so Claire is unsettled when Delilah figures out exactly what buttons to push. When they’re forced together during a gauntlet of wedding preparations—including a plot to save Astrid from her horrible fiancé—Claire isn’t sure she has the strength to resist Delilah’s charms. Even worse, she’s starting to think she doesn’t want to…

n0 16

Flight Plan by T.B. Markinson & Miranda Macleod

Two women entangled in a web of danger, deception, and unexpected desire. Will their fake romance be the key to survival, or will it unravel the very foundation of their hearts?

Reggie Hawkins is used to living a lie. As the closeted lesbian daughter of a billionaire media mogul, the only luxury she can’t afford is being herself. She yearns to escape the toxic grasp of her family’s global news empire, but her father’s latest demands once again threaten to plunge her deep into the corporate politics she despises.

Gwen Murphy is a woman on the run, haunted by a relentless and sinister shadow group. After unwittingly uncovering a nefarious scheme involving the most advanced spyware ever created, she is forced into the role of a whistleblower, leaving behind everything she’s worked so hard for.

Their paths collide during a fateful diversion in Zurich where an unforgettable encounter sparks a connection neither can forget.

Destiny reunites them in New York City, where Reggie proposes a daring plan—a tabloid-fueled fake relationship that will allow her to wrest control of the business, and her life, from her domineering father while giving Gwen the resources she needs to start her life over in safety.

As the spotlight intensifies, so does the attraction between the two women, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. But in a world riddled with deceit and betrayal, Reggie and Gwen must learn to trust each other and find solace amidst the chaos.

Will their love be enough to conquer the forces that seek to tear them apart?

Prepare to be captivated by this sensual ice queen, age gap, fake relationship, billionaire romance novel from the best-selling writing duo of TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod that will leave you breathless until the final, unforgettable page.

n0 17

The Fiancee Farce by Alexandria Bellefleur

Lambda Literary award winner and national bestselling author Alexandria Bellefleur returns with a steamy sapphic rom-com about a quiet bookseller and a romance novel cover model who agree to a modern-day marriage of convenience…

Tansy Adams’ greatest love is her family’s bookstore, passed down from her late father. But when it comes to actual romance… Tansy can’t get past the first chapter. Tired of her stepfamily’s questions about her love life, Tansy invents Gemma, a fake girlfriend inspired by the stunning cover model on a bestselling book. They’ll never actually meet, so what’s the harm in a little fib? Yet when real-life Gemma crosses Tansy’s path, her white lie nearly implodes.

Gemma van Dalen is a wild child, the outcast of her wealthy family, and now the latest heir to Van Dalen Publishing. But the title comes with one tiny condition: she must be married in order to inherit. When Gemma discovers a beautiful stranger has been pretending to date her for months, she decides to take the charade one step further—and announces their engagement.

Gemma needs a wife to meet the terms of her grandfather’s will and Tansy needs money to save her struggling bookstore. A marriage could be mutually beneficial, if they can fool everyone into thinking it’s a love match. Unexpected sparks fly as Tansy and Gemma play the role of affectionate fiancées, and suddenly the line between convenient arrangement and real feelings begins to blur. But the scheming Van Dalen family won’t give up the company without a fight, and Gemma and Tansy’s newfound happiness might get caught in the fallout… 

n0 18

Rescuing Hearts by Ruby Scott


A lesbian age gap romance about finding the softest hearts behind the highest walls.

When blocking out pain means never allowing yourself to be loved, can you really believe you are living?

For Kristi Ivers, a forty-four-year-old flight attendant, life has proved itself to be unfair. By her twenties, she’d already had more than her share of pain. Alone and unable to process the ache of loss she finds in stillness, Kristi’s life has become a busy throng of perpetual movement. Between work, travel and volunteering at Corazon De Las Colina, a dog shelter in central Costa Rica, she believes she has a full and happy life…until one fateful flight to San José.

Fenna Vargas is a pediatric surgeon who has just completed her neonatal fellowship and has the world at her feet. With the support of a large family headed up by her Nicaraguan grandmother, Yaya, Fenna believes in love. All you have to do is be bold and passionate… But is life really that easy?

Can Fenna’s belief in all that is good break down the lifetime of barriers upon which Kristi has built her life? Will the optimism of youth be enough to overpower the sage lessons of reality?

This is an age gap sapphic novel of lesbian romance, which embodies the love of animals and the wisdom of Nicaraguan grandmothers.

Prepare to be enchanted.

n0 19

She Get’s The Girl by Rachael Lippincott & Alyson Derrick

She’s All That meets What If It’s Us in this New York Times bestselling hate-to-love YA romantic comedy from the coauthor of Five Feet Apart Rachael Lippincott and debut writer Alyson Derrick.

Alex Blackwood is a little bit headstrong, with a dash of chaos and a whole lot of flirt. She knows how to get the girl. Keeping her on the other hand…not so much. Molly Parker has everything in her life totally in control, except for her complete awkwardness with just about anyone besides her mom. She knows she’s in love with the impossibly cool Cora Myers. She just…hasn’t actually talked to her yet.

Alex and Molly don’t belong on the same planet, let alone the same college campus. But when Alex, fresh off a bad (but hopefully not permanent) breakup, discovers Molly’s hidden crush as their paths cross the night before classes start, they realize they might have a common interest after all. Because maybe if Alex volunteers to help Molly learn how to get her dream girl to fall for her, she can prove to her ex that she’s not a selfish flirt. That she’s ready for an actual commitment. And while Alex is the last person Molly would ever think she could trust, she can’t deny Alex knows what she’s doing with girls, unlike her.

As the two embark on their five-step plans to get their girls to fall for them, though, they both begin to wonder if maybe they’re the ones falling…for each other.

n0 20

Forever’s Promise by Missouri Vaun

Wesley Holden migrated west with her brother, Clyde, to build a life neither of them could hope for back East. To share the homestead claim, Wesley had to disguise herself as a man. As brothers, Wesley and Clyde began to carve a new home out of the Kansas frontier. When Clyde is unexpectedly killed, Wes is left alone with the farm, determined to carry on, but more isolated as the days pass.

Romanced and abandoned, Charlotte Rose embarks on a journey west in search of a better life. But the trip is cut short by disaster. Even worse, Charlotte can’t return home because she discovers after arriving in Kansas that she’s pregnant. Her only hope is to find a frontier husband. Desperate and out of options, Charlotte is resolved to win Wes’s heart.

Allowing Charlotte to get too close is dangerous. If Wes marries, she’ll have to reveal her secret and risk everything for a woman who might never really love her, but resisting Charlotte is easier said than done.

n0 21

Down To A Science by Haley Cass

Ellie Beckett’s life is simple and uncomplicated; she’s on track to become a leading expert in biomedical engineering, she has a pub where she feels comfortable enough to hang out multiple times a week, and, so what if she doesn’t have time for… people? She doesn’t need or want them.

Until she meets Mia Sharpe.

As it it turns out, maybe Ellie does want at least one person.

This book is part of the I Heart SapphFic Pride Collection, which contains eight standalone books from some of the top authors in sapphic fiction today. Each one promises a Pride theme and a happy ending. The collection was organized by I Heart SapphFic, which is a website for authors and readers of sapphic fiction to stay up to date on all the latest sapphic fiction news.

I hope you enjoy reading my 21 must-read lesbian romance book recommendations. 

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