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Top 10 Best Lesbian Books & Sapphic Novels – March 2023

lesbian woman reading lesbian books.

Are you looking for the best lesbian fiction and lesbian books to read? Then you’ve come to the right place. The list below represents a tiny fraction of my favourite Sapphic books this month. All my love goes out to the amazing authors, who are paving the way when it comes to genre and boundary-pushing, writing dark and toxic love stories, unlikeable women main characters, or writing a cracker of a sapphic novel with the brightest dedication to love and kindness.

I read all my lesbian books on my Kindle Paperwhite, I just love it and take it everywhere with me so I can read all the best sapphic fiction book recommendations. With the Kindle Paperwhite’s built-in front light, I can fall asleep to a good lesbian book without leaving the lamp on and disturbing my wife.  It comes with Bluetooth connectivity too, so I simply pair my airpods and doze off to a best-selling lesbian audiobook. The display has increased to 6.8″, so it‘s even easier to read, but it’s still super easy to pop in your bag or jacket pocket. The best bit though is that it is waterproof, so when I was recently on holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia I could lounge by the swimming pool whilst still being immersed in a good sapphic book. With 8 GB of storage and up to 10 weeks of battery life will see any bookworm like me through a holiday.



Don’t have time to read them all? Why not try listening to these great lesbian romance books? Audible is a great platform for listening to audiobooks because it offers a wide selection of lesbian books, including bestsellers and exclusive content. With Audible, you can listen to your favorite Sapphic books on the go, whether you’re commuting, working out, doing household chores, or simply relaxing in bed. Simply connect your headphones or airpods to your favourite device and you are good to go.


The Audible app also has features like adjustable narration speed, a sleep timer, and the ability to create bookmarks, making it easy to customize your listening experience. Audible offers a membership program that gives members access to a certain number of audiobooks per month, making it a cost-effective option for avid listeners.

Audible is great for people who want to maximize their time and make the most out of their daily activities. Try Audible plus and get up to 2 free audiobooks, and get instant access to a great choice of lesbian & sapphic audiobooks, along with a credit to purchase any title in their premium selection, regardless of price (including many of the books on this list!)

So, without further ado, I give you my top 10 lesbian & sapphic book recommendations for March 2023.

1. Ascending by Nicole Pyland

Ascending by Nicole Pyland. Lesbian book

Growing up fifth in line for the throne, Elizabeth never thought she would have to rule the small island nation of St. Rais. When a plot to take down the monarchy also takes her entire family from her, Elizabeth is thrust into the role of reluctant Queen. Not only did she lose most of her family, but she also lost the only love she’d ever known.

Palmer Honeycutt, a reporter for a popular New York City newspaper, was on vacation in a country nearly no one had heard of before. A deal she’d gotten at the relaxing resort and spa had been just what she’d needed. Little did she know that while she was trying to relax, the whole royal family would nearly be lost to tragedy, and a young Queen would present her with a perfect story.

Both women approach their new relationship cautiously at first, but it doesn’t take long for Palmer to start wishing the new Queen was someone she could spend more time with. Elizabeth also seems to have a lot of time for Palmer, which only confuses Palmer more.

After all, Elizabeth has lost and what she’s willing to give up for her country, is she also willing to risk it all to possibly find love again in an American reporter who’s been there for her during the toughest part of her life?




2. Vows That Bind by Cynthia Dane & Hildred Billings.

Vows that bind. Lesbian romance book.

The heart knows what it wants…

If experienced lifestyler Jewel Kane could have anything, it would be the perfect Mistress – bold, commanding, and consuming her every breath. That’s why her friends introduce her to a niche matchmaking service that will make her forbidden dreams come true. She only needs to show up to a media mogul’s high-rise office for the first date of a lifetime.

The body knows what it needs…

Recently burned by the love of her life, entrepreneur Elena Zelenko has a heart harder than steel and colder than ice. Yet when she meets Jewel, she becomes instantly attached. Not that Elena believes anyone could replace the woman she once loved more than her career. She doesn’t believe in miracles, no matter how perfect and natural they feel in her bed.

The more the dates go by, however, the more Elena realizes that Jewel may be her last chance at lasting happiness. Their instantaneous chemistry and ravenous hunger for one another can’t be a fluke.

The soul knows what it yearns to have…

A romantic weekend in New York seals their fate. Elena and Jewel enter the most legally binding contract that two women can sign. What ensues is the epic fallout of their whirlwind affair.

While optimistic Jewel embraces her new life as the partner of the city’s toughest Domme, Elena spirals into self-doubt and regrets about her life before Jewel. If they are to remember why it feels so right, they’ll have to prove that their love is more than pageantry and passion.

It’s destiny.




3. Mistress Of Desire by Ruby Scott

Mistress of Desire lesbian book

When healing the past to find your truth means tearing down everything you thought you knew about yourself, would you have the courage to face the challenge?

Having escaped Mhairi’s clutches, Alison is on a journey of self-discovery supported by her polyamorous lovers (Victoria and Abby) as well as Dr Eleanor Hopkins, her charismatic therapist. But the path to a bolder future is never straight, and as she delves into the depths of her desires, every twist and turn means navigating unchartered territory.

Where will her journey take her, and will her current relationship be able to withstand the inevitable change that follows?

Mistress of Desire is the third book in the Awakening of Desire series from the best-selling sapphic author Ruby Scott.
A Lesbian romance novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between – Perfect for fans of Anna Stone, Donna Jay, and Brenda Murphy.




4. Not For A Moment by Cheyenne Blue

Not for a moment lesbian book cover

Desperate situations call for desperate lies in this charming, fake-relationship lesbian romance.

Andi Barrons has no time for kids or the chaos they bring—certainly not when she runs a high-end decorating business. Mischief and little fingers around expensive materials? No thanks!

But then her gorgeous friend, Sarah Santoro, winds up in a custody battle with Sarah’s former in-laws and now… Well, somehow Andi’s agreed to pretend she’s Sarah’s live-in partner.

She’s still not quite sure how she got stuck playing a role she’s so utterly clueless about and that’s everything she doesn’t want in life. But as long as Sarah and Noa, the world’s cutest seven-year-old, don’t get a hold of her heart, she’ll be fine.

Easy, right?




5. Scarlett Fever by Claire Highton-Stevenson

scarlett fever lesbian book cover


On a girl’s night out with her friends; fifty-something, divorced, and really not looking for any attention, Claudia Maddox is somewhat surprised when girls’ night takes on a whole new meaning. Ending up in bed with a woman twenty years her junior hadn’t been the plan, but it was a night she certainly wouldn’t forget. Scarlett was sexy, and fun and knew just what she was doing. But for Claudia, it was a one-night stand. An opportunity to blow off the cobwebs following her divorce from Jack, and her impending redundancy.
Scarlett had just been a fascinating experience she would think of now and then because Claudia is straight, and Scarlett was a one-off. Right? I mean, who gets to her age and suddenly discovers they might be into women?
As a mother to three grown children, Claudia already has enough on her plate, when her eldest Diana asks for a favour. Her best friend from Uni needs a place to stay for a few days. Claudia agrees to take her in, after all, her youngest, Zara, is already home for the week, what harm could it be?
Scarlett Fever is an age gap, toaster oven, Contemporary Romance, with a dash of humour and a whole heap of spice, don’t miss it.




6. Meeting Millie by Clare Ashton

Meeting Millie by Clare Ashton. Lesbian book

Oxford – celebrated city of dreaming spires and class warfare – is an ambition come true for lesbian, geeky, upper-middle-class Charlotte and straight, charismatic, working-class Millie.

Against the odds, theirs is an instant, best friendship. Forever.

Exuberant Millie is a breath of fresh air for polite Charlotte and a force of nature within the university’s hallowed walls. And they are going to be the best lawyers of their year and change the world.

But their world changes instead when things go queerly sideways, and they haven’t seen each other since.

Ten years on and Charlotte returns to where it all began. She has a new job at a prestigious law firm and Oxford is as beautiful as ever. She’s a safe distance from her overbearing barrister mother Nicola and three office floors from her snappy college mentor, Olivia.

Then Millie bounds around the corner wanting to be friends again and it’s as if the last decade never happened. Will it be different the second time around? Can they be friends again? Or will love and attraction change things?

Meeting Millie is a sapphic romance about the nature of friendship, how two people change over the years, and how they see themselves and each other.




7. The Doors We Open by Donna Jay

The Doors We Open lesbian book cover

With her divorce papers burning a hole in her handbag, respectable pay clerk and mother of two Eloise Carter can’t wait to escape the closeted life she’s lost herself in.

An exclusive club that caters to women opens Eloise up to a thrilling new world. There, she discovers freedom, desire…and the mysterious Savannah Sloane.

Meeting the six-foot-tall woman, with her long black hair, seductive green eyes, and moves like a panther, Eloise becomes lost in a whole other way.

Their no-strings-attached arrangement seems perfect until Eloise finds out Savannah has some real-world connections with her daughter. There is no way she can keep seeing Savannah after that…no matter how tempting it is.

Fate may have other ideas.

A high-heat, lesbian romance about finding your heart after coming out later in life.




8. When The Past Finds You by Adrian J Smith

When the past finds you lesbian book cover

A company buy-out. An arch nemesis returns. A crush that never went away.

Wil thought she had the world ahead of her—eight years of experience in her job, her temper under control and working for her, and a manager who understood her. All Wil’s fears tumble out when her best friend’s stepmom becomes her new manager. No longer able to hide who she is, Wil fights to control her temper and crush on the one person she’s never been able to hold back on.

Lynda has worked hard to get where she is, but when she takes over a new financial company, she knows she has to lay low and rebuild her reputation. When the opportunity arises to work with her estranged stepdaughter’s best friend, she leaps at the chance to reconnect. But she never thought the past would haunt her and the memories of her husband’s death would resurface.

They never wanted to see each other again. Will they be able to overcome their mutual past and find love in the person they least expected? What will happen when fire meets ice?

When the Past Finds You is an ice queen age gap lesbian romance with bisexual and demisexual representation. It’s a story of grief and loss, how three people grieve differently from the same tragic death.




9. The Hideout by Melissa Tereze

The Hideout lesbian book cover

A dangerous past doesn’t need a membership card to get a foot in the door.

Juliet Saunders quit her soul-killing law career while she still had her sanity, but she’s not sure yet if buying a private bar qualifies as sane. Determined to make it work, she decides to shake things up with a new menu of signature cocktails.

Juliet never mixes emotions with business or pleasure, but there’s an irresistible spark with her new mixologist, a stunning, flirty blonde who ignites Juliet’s body in a way she hasn’t felt in years.

Paige Harrison Googled her new boss pre-interview, but nothing prepared her for Juliet’s sultry looks and slow, sensual smile. Maybe, after hopscotching through a succession of short-term bar jobs, she’s found a safe place—because in a members-only bar like The Hideout, her past isn’t likely to follow her through the door.

But in the glow of a surprising new relationship, it’s too easy to forget that safety can be an illusion…and the past is never more than a step or two behind.




10. All That Matters by Susan X Meagher

All That Matters lesbian book cover

Life is going damned well for Blair Spencer. She’s a very successful real estate agent, happily married to a man who encourages her to live the independent life she loves—and they’re actively working to have a baby.

The wrench in the works is that Blair favors adoption, while her husband David desperately wants to have a biological child. The fates are against them, and they finally seek the help of a group of reproductive specialists. One of the doctors, a surgeon named Kylie Mackenzie, eventually becomes a good friend to Blair. And she needs all of the friends she can get when things start to go horribly wrong at home. As her marriage teeters on the brink of collapse, she relies more and more on Kylie’s friendship.

Kylie’s happily gay; Blair’s happily straight. But the way they structure their relationship leads friends and family to privately question whether the pair are setting themselves up for heartache. They eventually come to a crossroads, which could either destroy their friendship or turn it into what each of them has been seeking. The question is whether each woman can change her view of herself and her needs. The answer is all that matters.


I hope you enjoy my Lesbian & Sapphic book recommendations for March, watch out for April’s top 10 women-loving women book recommendations.

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