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Commitment To Desire is the eagerly anticipated fourth book in the Awakening of Desire series from the best-selling sapphic author Ruby Scott.
A Lesbian romance novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between – Perfect for fans of Anna Stone, Donna Jay and Brenda Murphy.

Aren’t weddings wonderful?

As Victoria Fraser and Abby Mason’s big day draws closer, Bo Mckinnon, Victoria’s best woman, asks just that. How can anyone be so certain of another’s love? Most would consider her to be wild and free, some would say untamable, but not Destinee Sonas.

Having joined Victoria and Abby’s household as a cook, the ex-offender is nobody’s fool, or plaything… Not even when they own a castle. If only the same could be said for Freya, Abby’s sister, who has more underwear and secrets than Victoria… (Not Fraser, the other one).

As Bo finds herself being pulled towards an uninterested Destinee, Freya is clearly marking her territory, but as battle commences, not everything is as it seems.

Which woman will end up on top?



What an absolute delight it was to have these characters real selves revealed in true Ruby Scott fashion, which means I was on an emotional rollercoaster from one chapter and character to the next. They all brought their own drama to the mix, along with some real-life situations that, as always are handled with sensitivity and care, combined with the right amounts of sex and humour Ruby always delivers, I was completely immersed and there with them all. I should be so lucky, but one can dream.

Carolyn ,Kindle


I have loved every instalment of this series so far and “Commitment to Desire” continues to deliver. Ruby Scott writes with an energy that draws you into the world she has created which she populates with likeable but flawed characters. The plot is well balanced with a touch of tension and intrigue thanks to Freya. I enjoyed getting to know Bo and Destinée. Scott doesn’t fail to deliver on the heat or BDSM, with some scorching scenes. Scott’s focus on love, trust and consent makes this a wonderful read. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

JP Munroe, Goodreads


Wow, what a fantastic twist to describe borderline personality disorder and PTSD with such perfection, a very true distribution of both. I felt what they were feeling on a deeper level. It's an emotional rollercoaster in its truest form. Eye opening with plenty of love, understanding, care and support. It's another knock out from Ruby Scott this one will stay with me for life.I couldn't put it down, you definitely must read.

Christine, Kindle


This was such an interesting story to add to the series, full of ups and downs and surprises. The characters, the plot, the spice and certain subject matters will definitely keep you turning the page and wanting to know everything. I can't wait to see what happens next because that cliffhanger was a doozy.

Suzette, Goodreads


This book...phew, it has really stuck with me. I can't seem to stop thinking about it. As always, Ruby has given us a well-written book with an amazing story and excellent characters. Each character has their own voice and we get taken through the whirlwind of their journeys. I don't know how many times I laughed, snorted, or cried as I was reading. And apparently I am a sucker for a good wedding! This author knows just the right amount of levity, heavy topics, fun, and tears to put into a story that will keep the reader entertained right to the end and left wanting more. I loved all the little UK references in it, it really helped to set the scene. And it has a castle! Who doesn't love a castle?

Liz, Kindle