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Darkness of Desire is the eagerly anticipated second book in the Awakening of Desire series from the best-selling sapphic author Ruby Scott.
A Lesbian romance novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between – Perfect for fans of Anna Stone, Donna Jay and Brenda Murphy.

For Abby Mason, integrity is downright sexy, but in a world where fantasy and reality may blur, she is about to find out that not all Mistress’s are created equal.

Victoria Fraser, aka Abby Mason’s mistress, is a dominatrix who believes in honour, kindness, and discipline but her generosity of spirit does not extend to those who abuse their power. Victoria will do whatever it takes to keep those she loves safe, and includes her ex-sub and business partner, Alison.

But will Victoria and Abby be able to save Alison, and what impact will it have on their relationship?



It gives me great pleasure to applaud this author and her great work. It is a wonderful exploration into the Do's and Don't of BDSM in a healthy, safe, and loving relationship. It never ceases to amaze me, the depravity of the mind, and conversely, the brilliance. So Happy Reading.

German Chocolate, Kindle


The sign of skilful author is when the characters are written in a way that bring out strong emotions and are very believable with twists to keep you guessing, well-done Ruby Scott this is certainly the case.

Jayne, Goodreads


This is a very steamy and exciting romance between two strong, talented and brave ladies. The story is addictive and well written, the main characters are independent , attractive and unforgettable. A beautiful story brilliantly done.

Xiaoqing, Goodreads


Absolutely enthralling book! I find myself mystified at the end of the book, wondering how I could be done. The relationship between Abby and Victoria is beautifully written. The plot keeps you on the edge literally and figuratively. Can't wait for the next one!

C. Powell, Kindle


I love that Ruby Scott gives each character a voice that is distinct and clear and we want to hear what each one has to say. Fantastic Book!

Linda, Goodreads