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Prepare for some heart stopping moments, my best selling lesbian romance series continues.

If someone broke your heart into a million pieces would you give them a second chance?

On the outside, Jo Shaw, the high-flying CEO of BA Tech has everything; a successful career, a beautiful wife, and a lifestyle, most can only dream of. But as Jo’s marriage breaks down and she lies in a hospital bed about to undergo life-saving surgery, when in walks Ali Saunders, her first love. Ali left Jo for the bright lights of Broadway, but life has dealt her some heavy blows. Finding herself the sole guardian of her one-year-old niece after family tragedy struck, she has done her best to build a new life for the two of them. For Ali, there are no fairytales.
Can you really get a second chance at love and a second chance at life?



This book is the absolute best of the City General: Medic 1 Series. I loved everything about this story - the MC development, the involvement of other characters, the hurt, the happy - loved it all. You know a story is pretty good when you turn the page, realize it’s the last page and you are very disappointed .

Ann, Goodreads


A beautifully written book about second chances and enduring love. An HEA that reads like a fairytale. Two enchanting characters whose lives lead them apart and then back together. Well done, Ms Scott!

Liz, Kindle


Another winner!.What a book! So much chemistry! Well done, Ruby Scott!

Melissa, Kindle


I’ve read and loved all of Ruby’s stories , this by far is my favorite! Amazing chemistry between Jo and Ali! Scarlett will melt your heart.

Sharon, Goodreads


Every word kept me glued and I longed to experience what Jo and Ali were also experiencing. I am only sad it is finished, so to all who have some free time, spend it in the company of Ruby and the amazing people she has created within these books.

Polly, Goodreads