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‘If this novel doesn’t get you in the mood for Christmas, I don’t know what will!’

Full of festive cheer, heartwarming romance for those cold winters nights.

‘Tis the season to fall in love’

The year is 2045.

Alex Galbraith is a developer, a visionary, and a marketing genius. She also happens to be a beautiful woman with a gift for seeing the potential in others, so when she comes across architect Zoe McGuire, she makes her an offer she can’t refuse… or can she?

In an effort to persuade Zoe her future is with Alex’s company and with Christmas approaching, she takes the young Architect to visit their flagship community in rural Sweden. But much more is revealed than either of them ever imagined. In this tale of love, hope, and community, prepare to have your faith renewed.
The world really is an amazing place.




Utterly Brilliant. The chemistry between Alex and Zoe really worked and I was completely charmed by the two of them. It was intelligent, well written and a captivating story with endearing characters.

Susan, Goodreads


Awe-inspiring. The concept of creating communities that embrace each other’s differences and live in harmony. What a profound resolution to 2020’s debacle!!! A very good read and I enthusiastically and unequivocally recommend this book and any others by this author. Her style is riveting.

Patricia, Goodreads


This book is a ”New Ruby Level Unlocked” this book for me marks a difference! I have been following Ruby’s work since book #1 and let me tell you she is so talented!

Pattz, Kindle


An age gap story set in the USA and Sweden. I loved the two warm characters Alex and Zoe, especially Zoe’s enthusiasm. Super seamless story, picture perfect in a beautiful setting. Well written by Ruby Scott.

Woody, Goodreads


Loved this story,great characters, flowing story line ,what more can you ask. Never read this author but off to see if there are any more books. I hope so, it's three in the morning and I've read it from start to finish. Highly recommend.

Marion Kindle