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Also written by Ruby Scott under pseudonym Frankie Duncan.

A Sapphic rom-com book. Heart-warming, laugh-out-loud, funny, and wonderfully romantic.

Two Strangers, one small Scottish village, but how long can they hide from love?

Brogan Mearns keeps her commitment for work, and everything else is strictly fun. She is used to calling the shots in her London life but a move to Scotland changes everything. When she meets a beautiful, younger woman, Libby, who sees the world quite differently, her life is turned on its head. Everybody loves Libby but will she be able to win Brogan’s heart? A slow-burn, romantic tale of new beginnings, hope, and family.



Utterly Brilliant. The chemistry between Alex and Zoe really worked and I was completely charmed by the two of them. It was intelligent, well written and a captivating story with endearing characters.

Susan, Goodreads


I enjoyed this book from the onset. Intense and entertaining. This novel was packed with emotion and intensity balanced with outstanding insight and humor. The strength and vulnerability of both women is so well depicted and frank. I hope that anyone who enjoys Lesbian romance would take the time to enjoy this outstanding work by a Frankie Duncan.

JT, Kindle


Well written with a good flow and a great ending. Loved it.

Rowan, Kindle


Loved this story. The two main characters were genuine and lovely people as were the side characters. The happiness they found them selves in was yummy. What a feel good read this was. On to more of the author's works!

Poulie, Kindle