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Prepare for some heart-stopping moments. My best-selling lesbian romance series continues.

Meredith Asquith is a talented Neurosurgeon at the top of her field.
That is as much as anyone knows… but who really is the woman behind the scalpel? Is there nothing to tell, or too much to reveal?

When her professional path is crossed by Emily Porter, a beautiful young psychologist, whose job it is to assess the top surgeon’s mental fitness to operate, Meredith’s contained life begins to unravel forcing devastating choices to be made

Sometimes the strongest forces of nature belie a very fragile truth… the only certainty is change.

Prepare for loss, angst but most of all hope in this slow burn medical romance with a sexy little age gap. Just when you think you know where life is taking you… think again.



Wow! The stories in this series just keep getting better. As this story unfolds you fall in love with the thought of Emily and Meredith together. With the twists and turns this turned out to be the part of this series. Great Job Ruby Scott!

Gina, Kindle


This was a wonderful, heart grabbing book that I truly loved.

Tam, Kindle


Ruby Scott beautifully writes another fantastic addition to her City General Medic Series. We meet Meredith & Emily in this story & my oh my the stakes & angst are high, I think this just became my favourite in the collection, Ruby takes us on an emotional roller coaster and I enjoyed every single word of it and what an explosive ending, oh my dayssss YES!!!

Kimmy, Goodreads


The author does an incredible job of making you feel that you're right there with the characters in the book. Well done.

Jude, Goodreads


Great series! I'm definitely Sad it's over I had such a blast reading these books. This was definitely a favorite and a great ending to the series. Will be reading more from the author and adding this to my collection.

Miraca, Kindle