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Prepare for some heart stopping moments. My best selling lesbian romance series continues.

What happens when a connection comes along that makes you question who you are? A sexual awakening?

Tara Hunter is a passionate, headstrong doctor, heading up the ER at the prestigious City General Hospital. She is also a divorcee, about to turn fifty and whose only passion in life comes from her work. And then Gabriella Ellis (Gabby) rides into her department. Gabby is a confident, outgoing, out and proud lesbian with a sharp wit, and a heavy amount of sarcasm. Playing by the rules isn’t Gabby’s forte; something which can land her in hot water but she is talented, and compassionate. When the charitable medical programme, offering emergency care for the most disadvantaged, comes under threat will they be able to leave their differences behind them to fight for a common goal? What other passions might be released?



Great romance awakening story. It’s never too late to discover the beauty and healing power of love. Love is timeless, not caring about age, profession, economic position or anything else we list on our minds as important and this story weaves it beautifully.

Mayra, Goodreads


Story flows well, characters are well developed, and the love scenes are tastefully done. Well done Ms. Scott! Look forward to reading any future books.

Goofy, Kindle


The only thing I DID NOT like about this book was that it ended. I look forward to reading more by this author.

Classics, Kindle


IBeautiful story, extremely captivated. Likeable characters, a lot of emotions and intense scenes. A beautiful combination to keep the reader enthusiastic. Looking forward to read the other books of the series.

AL, Goodreads


The chemistry she is able to put into the story and the dialogues of her characters is just fantastic. She is definitely one of my favorite authors by now and I‘m still amazed that this is only her third book.

Conny, Kindle