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When it comes down to a struggle between your dreams and your integrity, is fighting still the best answer?

Sapphy, an MMA champ, has fought for everything she has achieved in life and won; championships, medals, and sponsorship. The one thing that eludes her is love. With a vision to empower women through fitness and body confidence, Sapphy brings a women-only gym to the city via some hard-earned investment. As Sapphy fights to help women begin their journey, she is thrown into her own epic battle. With her future and her heart locked away in a deal that could cost her more than she ever bargained for what will happen when an unexpected someone hands her the key to love?  When it comes down to a struggle between your dreams and your integrity, is fighting still the best answer? This a slow burn, age gap, lesbian romance about empowerment and hope, even for those that don’t even realize they need it.



This is a very empowering series to read. Ruby Scott gives us characters to root for.

Lorraine, Goodreads


On the Ropes is the third book in The Stonger You series, and is definitely my favourite. I really like the chemistry between Sapphy and Esha and how Esha supports Sapphy in everything she does. And of course the awesome women from the first two books are in this one, so it makes the story even better! Worth the read for sure.

Angel, Kindle


A story that ends properly! No extras, no epilog, no by the way. Just a good, solid, well written, positive, supportive tale. Excellent.

Verified Customer, Kindle


Honestly, THIS is what I was waiting for in this series. Sapphy's story. The first two books take place at Sapphy's gym and I wanted to know MORE about her. This book is just so lovely and the writing really reflects Sapphy and Esha's relationship. Sweet words, sensual scenes and a gorgeous age gap romance, the writing shows all of this so well and doesn't disappoint. Of course, I was left holding my breath in some places, waiting to see how it played out.

Lis, Goodreads


Inspirational is the word I will describe this novel... everything about this is so inspiring! Such a great story! Brilliant Ms Ruby Scott.

Alice, Goodreads