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A lesbian age-gap romance about finding the softest hearts behind the highest walls.

When blocking out pain means never allowing yourself to be loved, can you really believe you are living?

For Kristi Ivers, a forty-four-year-old flight attendant, life has proved itself to be unfair. By her twenties, she’d already had more than her share of pain. Alone and unable to process the ache of loss she finds in stillness, Kristi’s life has become a busy throng of perpetual movement. Between work, travel and volunteering at Corazon De Las Colina, a dog shelter in central Costa Rica, she believes she has a full and happy life…until one fateful flight to San José.

Fenna Vargas is a pediatric surgeon who has just completed her neonatal fellowship and has the world at her feet. With the support of a large family headed up by her Nicaraguan grandmother, Yaya, Fenna believes in love. All you have to do is be bold and passionate… But is life really that easy?

Can Fenna’s belief in all that is good break down the lifetime of barriers upon which Kristi has built her life? Will the optimism of youth be enough to overpower the sage lessons of reality?

This is an age gap sapphic novel of lesbian romance, which embodies the love of animals and the wisdom of Nicaraguan grandmothers.

Prepare to be enchanted.




A beautiful written story that will touch your heart in so many ways. The no-nonsense grandmother is hilarious!

Goofy, Kindle


This was such a beautifully written book that immediately captured my attention with subtle humor in the first paragraph. Ruby Scott also has a definite gift for ramping up sexual tension and building anticipation that doesn’t disappoint. That warmed more than my heart!! This wasn’t sappy romance but I have to confess that I shed happy tears more than once!

Tam, Kindle


I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Great story, lovable characters (especially Yaya!). I couldn't put this book down! You couldn't wait to read the next page, though you don't want it to end. Love this book!

Vita, Goodreads


Ruby Scott has out done herself with this book and it my favorite of all the books she’s written!. This is an age gap romance with a Nicaraguan grandmother, it is funny, sad & heart wrenching in some places, and you will belly laugh in other places!

Debbie, Kindle


Another well-written novel by Ruby Scott, taking the reader through a whole spectrum of emotions. There are some fantastic one liners that had tears rolling down my cheeks, just so funny. Oh, and some rather hot steamy scenes too!

Jayne, Goodreads