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Strap yourself in. Who is the judge of all our sins, when you look at the mirror and you see someone else? Who is innocent and who is guilty? Can you really judge?
And more importantly – Can the dead rise again?

When bodies of predatory criminals keep turning up in suspicious circumstances, Detective Ashley Tate and her team know they are dealing with a serial killer.

But what links the crimes? Each victim’s resurrection.

How can someone die on Monday yet be walking and talking on Friday?

As Ashley’s ex-girlfriend and journalist Jude Abrahams whips up public approval for the apparent vigilante murders, the pressure on Ashley builds but with more questions than answers each case becomes stranger.

Dare they believe what they are seeing?

In this fast-paced, science fiction lesbian thriller no one and nothing is quite as it seems. Within a tangled web of love, power and deceit, the truth is far stranger and more sinister than any of them could have ever believed possible..



OMG what a read and fantastic writing by Ruby Scott and what a cliffhanger your killing me! Now I'm compelled to read book 2.

Jayne, Kindle


Loved this! I don't think I can accurately describe how it made me feel, but it gave me an... Unsettled feeling that only excellent writing can do. I couldn't put it down.

TJ, Goodreads


I thought I knew where Scott was going, and then another thing happened and I was blindsided and side-swept yet again. So many twists and turns, bumps along the way,

Char, Goodreads


I have never in all my days jumped up and celebrated the brilliance of a novels ending before. Ruby Scott you absolute beaut of a writer, this story is an absolute cracker and had me gripped from start to finish, I literally devoured the last chapter and I have nothing but a desperate and hungry thirst for more.

Kimberely, Kindle


Holy cow, what a different read. Ruby Scott, I am just handing you the cliffhanger crown, because this ending is breathtaking!

Linda, Goodreads